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Heya! It's Jess, from Farm to Glass Wine Tours.

When I came up with the idea of starting this business, I had a vision that I want each one of you to visit the Okanagan Valley, or the Similkameen Valley, and your visit will be having nothing except a positive impact on the local communities you visit.

Each tour, aka wine adventure, will have a donation made to a local foundation, charity, or non-profit.

So not only are you having a positive impact on the planet by wine touring in an electric vehicle, choosing estate wineries that focus on organic (or better) farming, and enjoying locally sourced food at small, independent restaurants & cafés, you're about as physically close as possible to leaving a direct and positive impact on the local community.

When I just re-read that last paragraph to myself, and it gives me all the feels.

I don't know if it's a generational thing, but being an elder millennial, there's something about wanting to have purpose? Doing something you absolutely love, and knowing that in some small way, it's helping others. Does that relate to anyone else?

So I've been thoughtfully collaborating with a few amazing people and foundations and when you enjoy a Farm to Glass Wine Tour with me, you could be helping:

  • Feed families or single parent homes with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for a week through a Community Access Share program.  
  • Help programs and services that provide individuals who have experienced, or who are at risk of experiencing violence or abuse.  
  • Help young people ages 12-24 have access to mental health and substance use support, primary care, peer support and social services.  

In a nutshell, these wine adventures come down to:

Being Kind & Drinking Wine

Be Kind to: yourself, your neighbor, and the planet

Drink Wine that is: kind to your body, kind to your neighbor and community, and most importantly, kind to the planet

So let’s go on a wine adventure and let me guide you from the farm, to your glass.   

Jess Hopwood, WSET3 Certified, FWS with a Master in Champagne, SWS, IWS and Certificate of Viticulture, BC Wine Ambassador, Wine Geek and friend




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