The New sub-GIs of the Summerland Grape Growing Region

On Tuesday, June 28th the approval of 6 new sub-Geographical Indications (also known as sub-GIs) were announced and include: Summerland Valleys, Summerland Lakefront, Summerland Bench, East Kelowna Slopes, South Kelowna Slopes and Lake Country. This now brings the total of sub-GIs in the Okanagan Valley to 11. The first sub-GI being Golden Mile Bench back in 2015 followed by Okanagan Falls, Naramata Bench & Skaha Bench in 2018 and Golden Mile Slopes in 2021.

We're getting there! With our modern wine industry being only 32 years young, it's great to see that the unique terroirs are finally being recognized. We've come a long way from the days of high volume, bulk wine made from labrusca grapes to now making world class wines that are zippy and bright and make you wiggle in your seat with such delight!

Any guess to what the next sub-GI will be? I have a sneaky suspicion that it will be in the south, and it involves a colour and an herb.... any guesses? Let me know here.

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Summerland Valleys sub-GI: includes areas in Prairie Valley and Garnett Valley and are at higher elevations and have cooler climatic than other parts of Summerland. It also contains some of the highest elevation vineyards in the Okanagan Valley. Fun Fact: There's a new, fabulous winery being built here called Solvero Wines which is led by the very talented winemaker, Alison Moyes formerly of Liquidity Winery.

Summerland Lakefront sub-GI: vineyard areas that hug the Okanagan Lake, where soils here are ancient glacier lake bottom and sediments which are mostly silty, carbonate(lime)-rich and stone free and are situated on benches. Vineyards here have climatic conditions that are very strongly moderated by the lake. Fun Fact: The majority of the vineyards in Summerland Lakefront are certified organic, also reflecting a long-term commitment to sustainable viticulture practices and care for the land.

Summerland Bench sub-GI: the growing area that surrounds Giant’s Head Mountain. The vineyards experience a range of climatic conditions that are determined by elevation, aspect and topography. Most of the soils are coarse textured. These coarse textured, well drained soils enable vigour control through deficit irrigation, which balances fruit yields relative to vigour. Summerland’s ancient soils here with gentle slopes, and position next to the southern end of Okanagan lake make it distinct. Fun Fact: There are currently 10 wineries with operating tasting rooms, with another opening in 2022. Apple growers are currently replanting with grapes, adding to the growth of the grape growing and winery industries, and cementing the region’s reputation for quality and commercial viability.

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