#MyWineAdventure Contest Trivia Question #1

Hey there wine loving friends, it's Jess from Farm to Glass Wine Tours.  

The first trivia question has just been posted to Instagram, answer in the comments for a chance to win a free wine adventure!  Hint, the topic today is BC Wineries.  

Do you know what wine region in then Okanagan has the most wineries? It’s Penticton at a whopping 52 wineries! 

There are a lot of questions that might pop into your brain when planning your visit to the Okanagan Wine Country.

  • Which to visit?
  • Do I need to book in advance?
  • How much are tasting fees?
  • Do they make the wine styles I enjoy?

Or, maybe you are thinking about questions like:

  • How do they farm?
  • Are they transparent with their winemaking practices?
  • Are they kind to the land, treat their workers well, and involved with their local communities?

If this speaks to you, or even if it's just piqued your curiosity, and you love great wine… let me take the research, the effort and the planning out of your well-earned vacation… and take you on a wine adventure, with Farm to Glass Wine Tours.

Tourism is changing.

The movement is growing.

Are you looking for more sustainable tourism options? It's right here and I absolutely cannot wait to take you on a wine adventure.

Much Love,

Jess @FarmtoGlassWineTours

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