#MyWineAdventure Contest Trivia Question #5

Oh heyyyyy.... it's me... Jess from Farm to Glass Wine Tours.

It's that time, for another trivia question and the theme is: History!  Head on over to Instagram to answer and get an entry for a chance to win a free wine tour for you and 3 friends.  

Ok here we go!

Where was the 1st winery in BC?

a) Victoria b) Vancouver c) Kelowna d) Salmon Arm 

Bonus question:  What kind of fruit was used for the first winery?




The answer, which may come as a surprise to many is:  a) Victoria in 1922, post-prohibition and the fruit used for wine wasn't grapes, but loganberries.  (They look similar to raspberries)

The Okanagan Valley didn't have its first winery until 1932.  

Vancouver and Victoria were the main areas of wineries in British Columbia from the 1920s to 1970s.   Victoria, Richmond, New Westminster... a similarity to these areas:  accessible by sea for import and export purposes.  

I threw Salmon Arm in there because there were grapes planted just north of there on Shuswap Lake back in 1907.  That land is now a subdivision but cuttings of those vines would then be later used to start the first large-scale commercial vineyard in Kelowna.  

We now have wineries stretched throughout Vancouver Island as well as the Gulf Islands, wineries in the city of Vancouver and the outskirts in Richmond and the Fraser Valley, a winery as far north as Prince George and everywhere in between.  There are officially 9 Geographical Indications of wine growing regions in British Columbia, and here they are in order of acres planted:

  • Okanagan Valley
  • Similkameen Valley
  • Vancouver Island
  • Fraser Valley
  • Shuswaps
  • Thompson Valley
  • Kootenays
  • Gulf Islands
  • Lillooet

All Farm to Glass Wine Tours will focus on wineries in the Okanagan Valley and Similkameen Valley.  To find out about what tours, aka wine adventures I will take you on, click here.  

And as always,

Be Kind.  Drink Wine.

xoxo Jess




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