Get to know Jess, your Wine Adventure Guide in the Okanagan!

I'm Jess, the person behind the wine adventures. Your guide, educator, bad joke teller (or amazing one depending on who you ask) and Okanagan wine lover.

Fun (and random) facts about meeee:

I dislike wearing makeup, and will wear only the bare minimum when needed. I've also learned the witchcraft of contouring recently and now I get why people do it, hahaha.

I lived most of my 20s abroad, and frankly I never thought I'd live in Canada as an adult, but here I am!

My hair needs to be as bright as possible within a reasonable colour that I can get away with at my "real job". This red is natural, right?

I've learned that for fart jokes in a Tesla are hilarious no matter what age you are.

I wanted to be a professional oboist "when I grew up" but the universe had other plans instead, including living in Mexico for 7 years, as well as working on yachts and private jets.

I think I have a pizza problem. In fact, I paused writing this to have pizza for lunch.

I loved Earth Science in high school and I wanted to take Geology in grade 12, but it conflicted with all my band and choir courses (I was THE band geek) so I never got into it. Now I find it interesting, how I've gotten so fascinated by soils and rocks as an adult.

It took me a pandemic and being laid off, to realize how happy I am when I'm near a vineyard, talking to people about wine. Which is how this business idea started.

I can type 80 wpm, but I can't open a jar for the life of me.

I don't like the way mayonnaise looks at me. So, aioli and I have a very turmoil relationship. Ranch dressing... we're cool.

When people ask me if I prefer white, rose or red wine, I always reply, "I like all colours."

I took this picture when I was just feeling a lot of joy.

I really want to say thank you to you (yes you!) reading this, and for your support in helping make Farm to Glass Wine Tours a reality. I see you... and I want to say it means more to me than you know.

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to take you on a wine adventure.

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