Daydreamer & Farm to Glass Wine Tours

Hello friends.... My name is Jess and I'm the owner, guide and wine dork of Farm to Glass Wine Tours.  If you've made it to this page and are reading this - it's because you're a big fan of the wines from Daydreamer wines, just like I am. 

You know what that also means?  Is that you're into wines that are thoughtful, hand crafted, farmed in a sustainable way and more importantly... taste damn good.  Well that's what Farm to Glass Wine Tours is all about! 

So basically you're awesome.... and awesome finds awesome so I would like to extend to you a very special discount on any of my Farm to Glass Wine Tours if you plan on coming and visiting beautiful Naramata Bench, or any other wine region in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valley as I offer over 13 tour options (including a half day sail, half day wine tour). 

These aren't just ANY wine tours, they're wine adventures and they include EVERYTHING.... well except the amazing wines you might want to buy!  Tasting fees, water, snacks, lunch, a hyper-local goodie bag as a thank you for choosing to wine tour in a sustainable way and $10 for every guest gets donated back into the communities that are visited that help in various ways. 

Wine tasting has never been so good, right? 

So here's your promo code:  SHEEPSAREMYPEEPS

See what I did there?  Hehehehehehe.....  and if you want more information about the fabulous 13 different tours that I offer, find them here!

Alright.... it's story time now so perhaps go pour yourself a glass of wine before you continue on.... go ahead.... I'll wait. 


Ok here we go:

I'm going to start off with a joke:  How do you get a free bottle of wine when you visit the tasting room at Daydreamer?  The answer:  Have Maple the Babydoll sheep sneak up behind you and bite a hole in your dress!  Hahahahaha....

Yep, that happened and Maple and I weren’t on speaking terms for quite some time but he has since apologized and we're now friends again.  You can see for yourself in some pictures at the end, including the dress.

But the wines... let's talk about the wines.... aren't they just something pretty darn magical?  I get asked all the time, "what is your favourite winery that you visit?" and I often deflect as I don't like to just pick one but I'm going to let you in on a little secret but you have to promise me you won't say anything.  Do you promise?  Ok good.

It's Daydreamer.  If I really was held captive and couldn't escape unless I told them what my favourite winery in BC was.... Daydreamer would be that winery.... and I'm going to guess that for many of y'all reading this - that might be the same for you. 

Also I just have to give a major shout out to Rachel and Marcus Ansems MW, who've always been big supporters of my sustainable wine tour business right from the beginning.  Rachel, Marcus.... you both rock and I'm so incredibly grateful so thank you. 

Then there's the sheep.... there are very few wineries in BC that incorporate large animals into their vineyards and I wholeheartedly believe that sheep make your wine taste better.   The official lawnmowers of the off-season (as they can't graze when the vines are pushing/growing new leaves and branches) them being there and just doing their thing creates this really beautiful symbiosis into the soil's ecosystem that makes that soil happy.... like REALLY happy.  And do you know what happy soil does?  It does happy things and creates harmony in the vineyard and surroundings.  When grapevines get all the delicious things it needs from the soil, it makes the grapes happy and happy grapes make amazing wines.  

So next time you see the bite dressing Maple or sidekick Muggah - tell them thank you for being so darn cute... but also thank you for their part in making the wines taste so damn good. 

And as always….

Be Kind, Drink Wine

xoxo Jess

(20% discount is for all full day wine tours, for sailing and wine you can save 15% off by signing up for the Farm to Glass Newsletter)