Farm to Glass is JOIEFUL!

Hello friends.... my name is Jess and I'm the owner, guide and fun person of Farm to Glass Wine Tours. If you've made it to this page and are reading this - it's because you're a big fan of the wines from JoieFarm, just like I am.

You know what that also means? Is that you're into wines that are thoughtful, hand crafted, farmed in a sustainable way and more importantly... taste damn good. Well that's what Farm to Glass Wine Tours is all about!

So basically you're awesome.... and awesome finds awesome so I would like to extend to you a very special discount on any of my Farm to Glass Wine Tour if visiting JoieFarm on the beautiful Naramata Bench, or any other wine region in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valley as I offer over 13 tour options (including a half day sail, half day wine tour).

These aren't just ANY wine tours, they're wine adventures and they include EVERYTHING.... well except the amazing wines you might want to buy! Tasting fees, water, snacks, lunch, a hyper-local goodie bag as a thank you for choosing to wine tour in a sustainable way and $10 for every guest gets donated back into the communities that are visited that help in various ways.

Why tasting has never been so good, right?

So here's your promo code: IAMJOIEFUL

See what I did there? Hehehehehehe.....

This will save you a whopping 20% off any wine tour*

Alright.... it's story time now so perhaps go pour yourself a glass of wine before you continue on.... go ahead.... I'll wait.


Ok here we go:

This is a story about a grape, a grape in particular. Do you want to play a game and see if you can guess what it is? Ok here we go!

First hint: it's a red grape. Any guesses? There's over 50 different red grapes grown in BC so if you've guessed right already please stop reading and go buy a lottery ticket right away.

Second hint: it comes from the region of Champagne, France and is one of the 7 official grape varieties that are allowed to be made into champagne. (People tend to only talk about the main 2 grapes in champagne but there is indeed a handful more).

Third hint: it's kind of an underdog in the grape world and I LOVE to cheer for an underdog, who doesn't? Shunned by historical royalty, planted in the "lesser favoured" areas of Champagne and historically been told that it creates champagne that "can't be aged" though producers have been proving that wrong for a very long time.

Fourth hint: It's also a grape that grows ANYWHERE very happily in any type of soil, doesn't mind the cold and isn't as sensitive as some other classic grapes.

Last hint: It also tastes darn good as a still red wine and one of my favourite wines of all time come from this grape variety. It's rare that still reds are made from this grape and it just so happens that JoieFarm makes a VERY good version of one.

Any guesses? It's part of the "Pinot" family but often people drop the word Pinot all together and just call it...

..... Meunier (moon-nee-yay) or Pinot Meunier

This grape rocks. I always say that if I won the lottery and bought land to plant a vineyard, this would be the grape that I would plant. It makes great bubbles, great red wine... what more could you ask for? (I guess I need to go by a lottery ticket now)

Meunier is a champ and Joie's Meunier is fantastic! It is my favourite grape variety (though as I write this I might actually have to say it's a tie with Cinsault).

Not familiar with Meunier? That's ok! It's actually very close to Pinot Noir characteristically, with flavours such as tart cherry, earth, pomegranate, mushroom/unami and flowers such as roses.

What does it pair with? Pork, roast duck, mushrooms or grilled vegetables would all be yummy together.  

You know what else it pairs with? A great time on a wine adventure with Farm to Glass Wine Tours!

So let's go on a wine adventure, you can find more information about all tours here!

If you want to hear the story about how Farm to Glass came to be, here's the story.

Thanks so much for reading. I really do enjoy curating unforgettable experiences for people from around the world. So in a nutshell, I'd explain these wine tours to be "civilized elegance without being stuffy". My wine tours are different, but I'm different and I think if you're here reading this to the end then you may be looking for a different kind of wine tour. So let's embrace the power of being different.

Be Kind
Drink Wine
xoxo Jess (owner, guide & fun person) Farm to Glass Wine Tours

*All wine tours receive a 20% discount with the exception of the Sustainable Sip & Anchor Sailing and Wine Adventure