Enjoy Wine Vistas, Views & News ~ June 2023

Oh hey there, how's it going?  I hope this blog post finds you with the sun shining, and the wine flowing... unless you're reading this in the morning then that would be weird... unless it's a mimosa, ha!  

I wrote my last newsletter on May 20th, talking about #fakesummer and then of course that night it downpours that same evening to the point there were land slides and flooding.    If you're planning on visiting the Okanagan soon, just as a reminder that there is still just single lane, alternating traffic between Summerland and Penticton that can add up to 10-15 mins on your drive, so plan accordingly.  (I'm writing this into the universe so that maybe when I wake up tomorrow, they will be done and it will be fully open again, hahahahaha). 

July is just around the corner and things have been picking up and I think it's been an amazing start to the season!  The skies have been smoke free with the exception of just a couple of days, the lakes have been looking ever so enticing for all the water activities you can dream of, e-bikes also seems to be picking up in popularity giving people opportunities to bike further, faster and cover so many more sights along the KVR without breaking much of a sweat on our hot summer days, new restaurants are popping up in Penticton, some breweries have changed hands and there is a beautiful buzz in Penticton that I invite you to seek out.  Just this past month we had the first taste of Peachfest, an Elvis Presley Festival just last weekend as well as the beautiful and powerful Pow Wow of the Lakes Festival. 

July is bringing Canada Day activities as always, and the Gran Fondo where 3000 cyclists do a 120km ride on the morning of Sunday, July 9th.  If you are visiting the Okanagan anywhere between Summerland and Oliver that weekend, roads access will be limited/restricted that day and you can find out more here.  

But enough about that!  Here's a selection of my fav wine and food news lately... a one stop shop you may call it!     
  1. Discover Naramata is in its last days of a very special promo but more importantly, you could win a very cool prize!  Be sure to enter the Grand Prize giveaway featuring a night in a Glam Tent from Chute Lake Lodge, and a number of other amazing prizes. (There might be a very special discount for Farm to Glass there, wink wink). 
  2. There's a really lovely interview featuring Dallas and Eric Thor, of Terravista Vineyards.  
  3. Speaking of Terravista Vineyards, they now have an option to add Spanish Conservas to your wine experience.  I personally can't resist the Manchego chips and fried Marcona almonds from Antonio Romero and if we visit there together, I can almost guarantee I'll buy one or the other to share youuuuuuu!
  4. Farmers markets are all in full swing and to find out a schedule of all of them, click here.  
  5. Rigour & Whimsy is officially open for tastings at their brand new winery!  Costa, winemaker and awesome human in general, if offering vineyard and VIP wine tastings this season.  This 90 minute experience is one for the books and can be a stop on either the Farm to Glass Okanagan Falls/Kaleden wine tour or the Wild & Free wine tour.    
  6. Lightning Rock Winery in Summerland, BC has a handful of summer events happening and you should definitely check them out if you're around.  
  7. Want to dine in a vineyard during your visit to the Okanagan?  SOURCED 7.0 continues throughout the season, at some of my favourite wineries in the Okanagan.  THESE. ARE. MAGICAL. I always try to go to at least one each year, maybe see you there? 
  8. Do you love truffles?  Here's an article about a surgeon, now turned truffle farmer that is growing the rare, crazy expensive, edible fungus right here in the Okanagan. 
  9. With July just around the corner, another one of my all time, favourite OK Falls wineries is opening for tastings (they're also releasing a whole bunch of new wines).  Come for a tasting at Echo Bay Vineyard, visit them on a few different Farm to Glass Wine Tours.  
  10. Here's a question for you:  Do you think the Okanagan should grow Pinot Noir?  There's been quite the stir with some recent press and coverage from Master of Wine, Sarah Marsh who recently went on a Pinot Noir tour from Kelowna to Okanagan Falls and well frankly... she didn't have a lot of good things to say.  What I find weirder is that she then gives points on all of them that make it seem like they're good.  Clear as mud, right?  Well, Christopher Mark has a recent blog post that asks and attempts to answer this question.   Oh, and if you want to see the article Sarah Marsh, MW wrote, find it here.
  11. Have you heard of Code Wines?  They're another new addition to the Okanagan Falls region and the most recent addition to the Farm to Glass Wine Tours famjam and can be offered of The Sides of Skaha Wine Tour. 
  12. Lastly, too see all the wine adventure shenanigans you and I can get up to this season, find them here! 
May and June have been busier than my May and June of 2022, and July is lining up to be the same, so thank you to everyone who has been on a wine adventure with me and who has shared the loved with friends and family and/or on Google and Trip Advisor.  I'm pretty excited that I am getting my firsts repeat clients next weekend and we're going to one of my favourite regions. 
Thanks for reading....  drop me a line if you want.  
And as always,

Be Kind, Drink Wine.

xoxo Jess (Owner, Guide & Fun Person)

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