May Newsletter ~ All Things Naramata

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Farm to Glass Wine Tours brings you its first email newsletter! It's time to unearth all things that are Naramatian. That's right, let's Discover Naramata together...

This email features a soil series, food and wine pairing, grape feature, compost innovation, local business feature plus so much more.... let's go on an adventure together!

The sun is going down behind a mountain in Summerland, the view is from the Naramata Bench with Okanagan Lake in view | Farm to Glass Wine Tours

The first Natural Wine Tour & Tours for families!

I'm really excited to announce that I'm offering the very first Natural Wine Tour featuring the purest expressions of grapes to glass, guided by thoughtful winemakers. Learn more here.

Also, I'm working on creating fun family tours for parents with 1-2 children. A shorter day, with wine tastings for adults, apple juice tastings for kids, farm animals, scavenger hunts, tea time and more! Tours start the end of June, stay tuned!

Food Pairing Fun! Pickles & Riesling!

I never used to like pickles, in fact I hated them. Then I'd only like them if they were deep fried. Now I am a little bit obsessed of how good pickles go with Riesling! Get yourself some pickles and a bottle of Riesling from Daydreamer or Synchromesh Long's View Vineyard and go make your mouth happy!

Why do they go so well together? The acidity of Riesling compliments pickles' tartness, enhancing the flavours of the wine, and making the Riesling feel softer in your mouth.





Speaking of Pickles! Did you know that there is a Pickle Princess of Naramata?!

Dixie-May Duncan Kunicky, Chef, Owner, Proprietor of Dixies Quickles is making the BEST pickles in Naramata, and may I dare even say, the Okanagan! She says, "My Dijon & Garlic pickles would be great because it would cut the sweetness of the Riesling."

You can find the Pickle Princess starting June 1st at the Naramata Farmers Market from 4-7pm at Manitou Park and keep your eyes out for them at the Naramata General Store.

The sun is setting over Summerland, BC with a view of Okanagan Lake seen from Naramata Bench | Farm to Glass Wine Tours

Let's dig deep into Naramata terroir!

The Naramata Bench is a magical place, so magical that in 2019 the province gave in its own sub-appellation. Located on the eastern side of Okanagan Lake, it gets late afternoon and evening sun. This combined with the lake having a moderating effect makes for a beautiful growing season. Soils here tend to be gravelly the higher up the slopes, but closer to the lake it's more silt and clay. These soils all being left being from an ancient glacier lake. Clay is a cool soil, and Merlot LOVES cooler soils... which is why it grows so well here, just like in the right bank of Bordeaux.

Compost Corner!

Lineup of 3 different types of compost powder from BinBreeze | Farm to Glass Wine Tours

BC based business, BinBreeze has created the world's first all-natural and non-toxic indoor composting powder. We all hate food waste, and home composting can be hard, smelly and well two words: Fruit Flies. Hailing from Victoria, BC, BinBreeze sequesters carbon that would otherwise be burnt and contribute to climate change. Its scientific formula eliminates compost odors and emissions, eliminates fruit flies all the while creating a better compost for your garden. You can find them at or on IG @binbreeze ~ plus there's a discount from IG




I like Merlot-alotta!

A young woman in a vineyard holds out a bunch of grapes for the camera | Farm to Glass Wine Tours

And so does the Okanagan! In fact, it's the most planted grape in BC, at 1620 acres (655 hectares). BC Merlot will be medium to full body, with medium to high tannins and flavours that include black cherry, black plum, chocolate and floral violet notes. 195 acres of Merlot grows in Naramata/Penticton/Kaleden.




BIG MOOD. SMALL TOWN. Discover Naramata gets a new and exciting look!

A logo with a winding road going into a tunnel.  Logo of Discover Naramata | Farm to Glass Wine Tours

This month, Discover Naramata launched their brand new logo and I have to say I love it! The winding road, the KVR tunnel, the peacock! Some say it might be a splash of water, maybe it's both!?

Whether you're staying here or just visiting for the day, some must visits include:

Lunch or Dinner: the Naramata Inn
One-Stop-Shop: Naramata General Store
Great for families: Neverland Tea Cottage
For paddleboard rentals: Sun n' Sup
Coffee: Just Baked Cafe
Want to visit Naramata?
Farm to Glass Wine Tours can take you!
Farm to Glass Wine Tours has 3 different ways (soon to be 4) to visit Naramata and Penticton:
The Noteworthy & Natural full day Naramata wine tour
Soon to come: Naramata for families (stay tuned!)
Are you a foodie? Want to have a wine tour AND an amazing meal at the Naramata Inn!?

Want to do a half day of wine tasting, and then indulge in a farm to table lunch or dinner at the Naramata Inn? Now you can!

Choose from 3 different departure times:
10:00am: for 2 wineries + lunch afterwards
12:00pm: for lunch + 2 wineries afterwards
3:00pm: for 2 wineries + dinner afterwards
Also includes pick up and drop off from anywhere in the Okanagan! Prices include your meal, wine* + gratuities.
Click Here if You Are a Foodie!

Well that's your full deep dive into all things Naramata, I hope you liked it! Let me know what you think, you can reply to this email with any comments and feedback.

I can't wait to take you on a Naramatian Wine Adventure, or any Wine Adventure soon! I'll wrap this up with one of my favourite sayings:

Picture of wine glasses laying in the sand with the quote, "Be Kind, Drink Wine" with theJess, the owner's signature | Farm to Glass Wine Tours
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